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Orchid Release v0.5.3 Is Here

A new RSK Orchid release has been published in our Github repo. This release is mainly focused on bug fixing and security improvements.

This is a summary of the changes included in this version:

  • Consider gas price for accepting tx pool replacements (#662)
  • Add v, r and s EC values to JSON-RPC tx outputs (#661)
  • Improved disconnection collection recycling (#665)
  • Don’t close UDP channel on exception (#670)
  • Unify contracts trie (#692)

You can find a complete list of the changes introduced in the corresponding Github milestone.

IMPORTANT: this release is mandatory for Testnet users and it’s highly recommended that Mainnet nodes are also updated.

Version 0.5.3 release’s sha256 sum is 831c2a9f8717f3543bab985364c208defc46d8759867cf407cf39d7cdd371317 rskj-core-0.5.3-ORCHID-all.jar. See Reproducible Build guide for further details.

We encourage all users to update to this new version. Please reach out with any feedback you would like to share with us, you can contact us directly on our Gitter community or directly through creating issues in our Github repository.

If you are new to RSK, you may want to check our Starting with RSK guide and Smart Contracts quick start tutorial to find out how to start working on the RSK platform