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Blockchain Based Digital IDs & Privacy: Our Approach to Blockchain Identities
11 January, 2021

In general, it’s difficult to provide a consistent, all-encompassing definition for identity. Indeed, there can be several answers to the question, what is identity? Not intending to proceed with such vagueness, let’s take World Economic Forum’s definition which regards identity as an entity comprising three major attributes: inherent, accumulated and assigned. Inherent are those attributes […]

Blockchain Interoperability and The Future of Finance
7 January, 2021

While there are many innovative blockchain-based projects and services in existence today, the fledgling industry has yet to achieve a sliver of its full potential. This is because these novel solutions are often inaccessible outside of their own particular blockchain-based ecosystem. It is this “siloed” approach for these decentralized technologies that is preventing the creation […]

DeFi for Bitcoin: A Cheaper, More scalable Future for DeFi?
5 January, 2021

DeFi – the crypto world’s poster child of 2020. Transaction volume in the DeFi industry grew more than 10-fold, surpassing over US$123 billion in volume from Q2 to Q3, according to a report by decentralized app (dApp) tracker DappRadar on the state of the DeFi world. Of those transactions, 96% were on Ethereum, the world’s […]

Looking Back at the Post COVID Hack 2020: Meaningful Blockchain Use-Cases
29 December, 2020

The year 2020 has consolidated its place in mankind’s history, though not in a very positive light. People from across cultures, geographies, and professions have lost their lives and livelihoods at scale. As the global economy has significantly dwindled, businesses have been facing massive losses in revenues, as well as in resources. Indeed, the pandemic […]

Liquality Integrates Rootstock and Boosts Bitcoin DeFi Visibility
22 December, 2020

Accessing the Rootstock ecosystem has become a lot easier thanks to Liquality. Users of this cross-chain supportive wallet can now experiment with Rootstock DApps, atomic swaps, and much more. This is a significant step forward for the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem. The Main Purpose of Liquality In this day and age, cryptocurrency wallet users want to […]

Understanding Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs)
18 December, 2020

In 2008, Bitcoin’s release sparked a major paradigm shift in the global outlook towards money and financial institutions. Among other aspects, it marked the first-ever stable implementation of blockchain technology to build a decentralized, peer-to-peer monetary framework. It enabled the possibility for creating, storing and transferring monetary value without involving third-party intermediaries such as banks, […]

Open Finance, DeFi & RSK: A Definitive Guide
10 December, 2020

Over the last two years and specially along 2020, Open Finance has emerged as one of the most promising use cases of blockchain technology. Courtesy its potential to transform traditional financial systems, Open Finance has piqued immense enthusiasm at almost every level of the crypto community, including developers, investors, and even amateur users.  In general, […]

Blockchain for Supply Chain: Decentralizing Product Life Cycles
23 November, 2020

From household essentials to electronic gadgets, there is often substantial gap between a product’s place of origin and its market. In fact, the lifecycle of any given product has multiple stages. These complex processes comprise the supply chain which forms the backbone of retail and product-based industries. In turn, the degree of efficiency in supply […]

Blockchain for Social Impact: A Quick Overview of The Industry
9 October, 2020

Over the past century, scientific and technological progress has enabled unforeseen avenues for the global developmental paradigm. While innovations in medical sciences are saving millions of lives around the world, the average levels of income and education have also increased significantly. Furthermore, globalization has brought people closer to one another, especially with regard to welfare […]

RSK & RIF (RSK Infrastructure Framework) boost financial services on top of Bitcoin as they integrate DAI
6 October, 2020

DAI stablecoin is now available on RSK platforms fostering interoperability amongst different blockchains through the RSK-Ethereum Token Bridge allowing users and dApps to use DAI on RSK Bitcoin Sidechain.  As a result the  integration DAI is now accessible for all BTC-backed defi products including the RIF token and its variety of protocols. The integration is […]