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Blockchain and The Sports Industry: Rewarding Fans in the DLT Era
14 October, 2021

Blockchain technology is having a strong impact on the sports industry around the world. Over the last years, we have seen how distributed ledger technology has been used in the financial industry, to enhance the supply chain and also to register data and information.  When we have in mind blockchain technology, we usually think about […]

Bitcoin as Legal Tender: Lessons Learned So Far From El Salvador
7 October, 2021

El Salvador is the first country in the world to make Bitcoin (BTC) legal tender. This has changed many of the pre-conceptions people had about Bitcoin as a speculative asset that didn’t have any value. Nowadays, families in El Salvador would save hundreds of millions of dollars in commissions not paid to payment processors. Taking this […]

Stablecoins On Bitcoin: Mitigating Volatility
5 October, 2021

Volatility is one word that is almost synonymous with the cryptocurrency industry. Since Bitcoin’s inception, the premier cryptocurrency has continually been touted as a volatile investment vehicle despite its many benefits against legacy options. Stablecoins have been for a long time the go-to option when mitigating volatility in crypto markets and RSK has enabled several […]

Launchpads & IDOs: Decentralized Crowdfunding on Top of Bitcoin
29 September, 2021

The decentralized nature of the cryptocurrency market has enabled new and unique ways for projects to gather funds through crowdfunding campaigns.  The old large structures needed to raise funds have found strong competitors in the blockchain industry.  Different names have been given to crowdfunding campaigns for crypto and blockchain-related projects. Some of them were Initial […]

Tackling Legal Compliances in the Crypto Space
22 September, 2021

Perhaps the biggest obstacle hindering the mainstream adoption of both the distributed ledger technology (DLT) and cryptocurrencies industries is the lack of regulation surrounding them. Indeed, where there are investors involved, the financial watchdogs across the world would have a close eye fixated on the said industry’s regulatory structure. The importance of regulations and compliance […]

Social Media in the Blockchain Era: Privacy, Data Ownership & Interoperability
19 September, 2021

Social media has been all over the place in the last decade for different reasons including hacks, data leaks, manipulation and centralization among other things. Recently, another buzzword has been added to social media: Web 3.0.  With the involvement of blockchain technology, social media networks can change from their centralized nature to a more decentralized […]

Tokenized Economies: Rewarding User Preferences
12 September, 2021

Blockchain technology has changed the way finance works. That’s a fact. However, it has also changed many other industries thanks to decentralization. We can talk about the supply chain, the medical industry or the automotive sector just to name a few.  Taking this into consideration, distributed ledger technology (DLT) is also making it possible for […]

Tokenomics: The Economics Behind RSK
9 September, 2021

The ascend of the crypto-economy has led to an enormous influx of both institutional and retail capital into the burgeoning industry looking for exponential growth which is, unfortunately not possible in the more traditional financial avenues. Today, the total crypto industry is worth more than $2.3 trillion and if its rate of adoption is any […]

Web 3.0: Towards The Decentralized Web
2 September, 2021

The Internet has fundamentally changed how human beings organize societies. Having access to cheap data from all over the world has made organizing political movements much easier. Anonymous posting on various websites has created a culture where people from all over the world freely exchange their ideas and create new socio-political movements. On the other […]

NFT Art: The Intersection of Creativity & Blockchain Technology
25 August, 2021

NFT Art and NFT Artwork became buzz-words in recent times as the blockchain ecosystem continues to show its large potential to revolutionize not only the financial industry but many other sectors. These two terms are now linked to one of the most engaging periods of recent blockchain and cryptocurrency history.  This NFT Art finance industry […]