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Bitcoin & Passive Income: A Quick Overview
14 May, 2022

Inflation has reached levels that were not witnessed for decades. Quantitative easing (QE) at the peak of the coronavirus pandemic flooded the world with so much money supply, that the price of goods and services simply skyrocketed. Specifically, the Fed’s broadest measure of the money supply, dubbed M2, is over $21.6 trillion today compared to […]

Bitcoin Halving: Lessons Learned So Far from the Past
7 May, 2022

Since the launch of the Bitcoin network, one of the most intriguing aspects of the premier cryptocurrency has always been the halving event. As the name suggests, Bitcoin halving refers to a protocol-level change where the issuance of bitcoin to BTC miners is cut by half.  To date, there has been a total of three […]

The RSK Ambassador Program: Become a Rootstocker
5 May, 2022

The RSK Ambassador Program is designed to reward community members for furthering the growth of the RSK community and promoting the adoption of the RSK network. With multiple roles and pathways available, the program is open to anyone ready to take on a more active approach to advancing the RSK ecosystem. The RSK Ambassador Program […]

Macroeconomics of Bitcoin: What to Expect in 2022?
19 April, 2022

Like every currency, Bitcoin is affected by global economic events. In fact, due to its decentralization and globalized nature, Bitcoin is affected by the macroeconomics of different countries.  In this article, we’ll cover the macroeconomics of Bitcoin for 2022, including events that might affect the performance of Bitcoin. Index   Bitcoin as a Macro Investment in […]

Getting RBTC just got even easier. Introducing the new RSK 2-way Peg App!
8 April, 2022

IOVlabs is happy to unveil the new 2-way peg web app, that takes users through the process of converting BTC to RBTC using the RSK Powpeg protocol, the very first trust-minimized bridge between Bitcoin and a  Bitcoin sidechain. An intuitive and interactive user interface guides the user through the entire process, making it easy to […]

Blockchain Bridges: An Industry Overview
7 April, 2022

The enormous demand for blockchain solutions has led to an increase in blockchain protocols and the need for blockchain communication. Blockchain bridges represent a key piece of the puzzle when thinking about interoperability. On this article we’ll dig into the blockchain bridges solutions available on the market. Index  What are Blockchain Bridges How Blockchain Bridges Work […]

Iris Release v3.3.0 Is Here
31 March, 2022

We’re pleased to announce that a new RSK Iris release has been published in our GitHub repo. This release contains enhancements to the node’s JSON-RPC interface, as well as Ethereum compatibility fixes and robustness enhancements. While this is a non-mandatory upgrade, we encourage users to upgrade their nodes to the new version. How do I […]

Green Energy: How Will the Bitcoin Mining Industry Evolve?
29 March, 2022

Climate change resulting from carbon emissions is a significant problem of the modern era. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that green energy practices and sustainability are implemented.  Renewable energy sources offer the best way to combat carbon emissions. This article will cover the adoption of green energy in Bitcoin mining so far and how it […]

DeFi in the Metaverse Era
22 March, 2022

A major attribute of the metaverse is that it will have a fully functioning digital economy. An economy that uses digitalized and decentralized financial services that are truly inclusive. DeFi integrates blockchain technology and smart contracts to enable users to carry out financial transactions without a third party.  On this post, we’ll cover the role […]

Solving the Trilemma: RSK’s Contributions to Interoperability, Scalability & Security
15 March, 2022

Some of the major problems limiting the mass adoption of blockchain technology are interoperability, scalability and security.  Any blockchain willing to support Web 3.0 and the Metaverse, must be interoperable with other blockchains and provide reasonable transaction times at affordable costs. On this blog post, we´ll review different solutions in the blockchain space to solve the […]