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Sovryn AMA Recap: Building a More Inclusive and Accessible Ecosystem on Bitcoin
23 March, 2023

The Sovryn launch event on February 9th marked the start of a new chapter for the DeFi protocol. Sovryn unveiled its dedication to Bitcoin-backed stablecoins, 0% interest loans, and making decentralized swaps accessible to everyone. Sovryn Co-founder, Edan Yago (EY) and Rootstock/Sovryn ambassador, Alexandria (A) came together for a Twitter Space on February 24th to […]

Rootstock’s observations of the Rab13s vulnerabilities disclosure
13 March, 2023

On 2023-03-13 at 09:51 ART, Halborn Security reported some vulnerabilities that affect several Bitcoin fork client projects.  The Rootstock Client Node is not a Bitcoin Fork and therefore is not impacted by this vulnerability  All Bitcoin nodes used by critical network services have been patched and are also not affected by this vulnerability  We advise […]

Rootstock Expands Bitcoin’s DeFi Functionality With Removal Of The PowPeg Bridge Locking Cap
10 March, 2023

Rootstock has reached a major milestone in its evolution. The locking cap for Rootstock’s 2-way peg has been increased to 21,000,000 BTC, which is the maximum supply of BTC. This means there is now no technical limit to the amount of Bitcoin that can be locked on Rootstock. Since Rootstock’s launch in 2018, a limit […]

RSK Hop 4.3.0 Is Here
6 March, 2023

We are excited to unveil the latest version of the RSKj Hop client, now available in the RSKj GitHub repository. This update brings a host of crucial security improvements, including the activation of peer scoring and virtual gas features by default, and the adoption of the most recent stable versions of various libraries used by […]

RSK Hop 4.2.0 Is Here
27 January, 2023

We are excited to announce the release of a new version of RSK Hop in the RSKj GitHub repository. This release includes support for running RSKj on ARM processors, compatibility with Java 17, and fixes for JSON-RPC issues, among other things. Additionally, some features, such as Peer Scoring and RocksDB storage library support, are now […]

Announcing an upcoming Rootstock PowPeg composition change
20 January, 2023

Update Jan 25th, 2023: The Rootstock network’s PowPeg composition change was successfully activated on block #4,998,799.   Summary: The Rootstock network will undergo a PowPeg change on block 4,998,799. Since the Bitcoin deposit address will change, it is strongly recommended that users verify the address before initiating any conversions from BTC to RBTC on the […]

RSK Hop 4.0.1 and 4.1.1 Are Here (Mainnet versions)
26 December, 2022

UPDATE Jan 17th, 2023: The patch network upgrade was successfully activated on block #4,976,300. The Core Development team, in partnership with the Rootstock community, is currently in the final phase of the peg-out service remediation process and will be sharing updates soon. Summary: The RSK network will undergo a patch network upgrade on block #4,976,300. This […]

Self-Sovereign Identity for Everyday DeFi
26 December, 2022

Mainstream adoption of decentralized financial tools and financial independence for every individual in the world — this is the original vision of Bitcoin and the objective of Everyday DeFi. It is a huge goal with even bigger implications for society, but how will it actually be achieved? The notion of self-sovereign identity (SSI) has been […]

RSK Hop Testnet 4.0.1 and 4.1.1 Are Here (Testnet-only versions)
16 November, 2022

UPDATE Nov 23rd, 2022: The patch network upgrade was successfully activated on block #3,362,200. We expect the RSK Community to agree on the next steps for the Mainnet patch release. Summary: The RSK Testnet network will undergo a patch network upgrade on block #3,362,200. This is a mandatory upgrade exclusively for Testnet; users must update […]

Incident report: Rootstock peg-out service outage (Fixed)
6 October, 2022

Prepared by the RSK Core Development Team. FINAL UPDATE Jan 28th, 2023: The Rootstock network’s peg-out service is now fully operational with the activation of the new PowPeg composition and the successful migration of Bitcoin funds. Users can now resume their peg-out operations. We deeply appreciate the support from the Bitcoin mining community that enabled […]