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Tokenized Economies: Rewarding User Preferences
12 September, 2021

Blockchain technology has changed the way finance works. That’s a fact. However, it has also changed many other industries thanks to decentralization. We can talk about the supply chain, the medical industry or the automotive sector just to name a few.  Taking this into consideration, distributed ledger technology (DLT) is also making it possible for […]

Tokenomics: The Economics Behind RSK
9 September, 2021

The ascend of the crypto-economy has led to an enormous influx of both institutional and retail capital into the burgeoning industry looking for exponential growth which is, unfortunately not possible in the more traditional financial avenues. Today, the total crypto industry is worth more than $2.3 trillion and if its rate of adoption is any […]

Web 3.0: Towards The Decentralized Web
2 September, 2021

The Internet has fundamentally changed how human beings organize societies. Having access to cheap data from all over the world has made organizing political movements much easier. Anonymous posting on various websites has created a culture where people from all over the world freely exchange their ideas and create new socio-political movements. On the other […]

NFT Art: The Intersection of Creativity & Blockchain Technology
25 August, 2021

NFT Art and NFT Artwork became buzz-words in recent times as the blockchain ecosystem continues to show its large potential to revolutionize not only the financial industry but many other sectors. These two terms are now linked to one of the most engaging periods of recent blockchain and cryptocurrency history.  This NFT Art finance industry […]

Iris Release v3.0.1 Is Here (Patch Release)
24 August, 2021

We’re pleased to announce that a new RSK Iris release has been published in our Github repo. This is a patch release that fixes a bug in how data is retrieved when using eth_getLogs JSON-RPC method. This is a non-mandatory upgrade, however we encourage users to upgrade to this version if they are running nodes […]

What is the Bitcoin Taproot Upgrade and Why It Matters?
17 August, 2021

Change is the only constant and when Bitcoin (BTC) was launched by Satoshi Nakamoto shortly after the 2008 financial crisis, it was the birth of perhaps the most significant change in the global financial fibre for years to come. However, despite its near-perfect technical architecture, bitcoin needs to continually evolve with changing times to remain […]

What Are the Top Crypto Wallets to Use in the RSK Ecosystem?
12 August, 2021

The cryptocurrency industry today is home to more than $1.6 trillion in market cap and macro-factors considered, sky’s the ceiling for the global digital assets space. With the amount of money pouring into the cryptocurrency industry inflating with time, it is also important to consider the safety mechanisms in place — largely crypto wallets – […]

Cross-Chain Stablecoin Protocol BabelFish Launches on RSK!
10 August, 2021

The cross-chain stablecoin protocol Babelfish has launched on RSK! BabelFish aggregates liquidity from various issuers and chains, and has quickly become the largest stablecoin on RSK. The meta-stablecoin XUSD reached $10mn in deposits within two months of being live on mainnet. The amount of solutions and integrations in the RSK defi ecosystem has experienced a […]

Blockchain & The Gaming Industry: Play to Earn
5 August, 2021

Blockchain technology, alongside gaming, has been among the fastest-growing industries over the last few years.  The profits generated by the gaming industry are indeed astronomical.  Today, things look even better for the blockchain and gaming industries. There has been a clear improvement in decentralization and how distributed ledger technology is helping companies track information, register […]

RSK´s Tech Stack: An Overview of RIF´s Ecosystem
29 July, 2021

Smart contracts are usually not associated to something that has direct impact on people’s lives. However, RSK has multiple use cases that have a clear impact on different and diverse communities.  On this guide, we will go through RSK’s technology stack and which are the solutions that this blockchain network is sharing with the crypto […]