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Benefits of blockchain technology by industry


Blockchain technology has the potential to generate trust among citizens by allowing participants to see and verify data.

Financial Services

With blockchain technology, payments are optimized for the user, which will save a significant amount of time and money for both parties, as transactions are paid for instantly.


Blockchain technology will help reduce fraud, as one of the best characteristics of the technology is its unique capacity to validate authenticity, ownership and the supply of products, as well as the authenticity of documents.

Real State

Real estate properties can be tokenized creating a liquid market and enabling any two parties to easily and directly operate with one another, reducing intermediarie.


The immutability benefit of blockchain technology will make it difficult to forge, alter or change the origin of artwork once found in the blockchain. It will also create digital galleries and liquid markets for the trading of artwork.

Supply chain

Technology promotes trust and transparency in the supply chain. A formal registry can be created to label products and monitor their movement at different points in the supply chain, through confirmation of receipt and automatic release of payments.

Decentralized aplications

Decentralized applications are computer protocols that allow for the execution of a programmed and enforced business logic that reduces friction and eliminates the need for intermediaries


Blockchain technology helps empower people by giving them back the control over their personal and private information.

Stable assets

It is a digital currency characterized by a stable price to protect it against volatility.


It is the digital representation of an asset from the physical world, which could be a financial asset like a bond or share, or a title, property, mile or country currency.

Micro Credits

Small loans issued by decentralized protocols without the need for intermediaries, at a very low cost and efficiently managed.


Blockchain technology enables digital certainty, in a transparent manner, with a set date and no trusted third parties.

Decentralized exchanges

Instant liquidity, which is decentralized and leveraged by technology, with no custody or access to funds by third parties.


Reliability of data, quality guarantees, data accessibility in real time, and reduction of time and costs.