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Can I register a domain in RNS and then sell it in a secondary market?

Anyone that registers a domain in RNS can sell the domain directly or using a third party secondary market.

What is RNS all about?

RIF Name Service (RNS) was designed to make the user experience more friendly by providing an architecture which enables the identification of blockchain addresses by human-readable names or aliases. It can be used to identify other personal resources, such as payment or communication addresses.

Centralizing the access to multiple resources associated with a human-readable name, improves the blockchain platform user experience. Along with the “ease of use” by adding a name resolution service, or “alias”, the probability of errors is significantly reduced. As resource names may change over time, the system needs to be flexible to support frequent changes. Up until now, RIF Name Service only supported addresses built on the RSK Network but currently, users can manage multiple types of coins and assets.

Visit the RIF Name Service for more information.

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