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Lumino General information

General information: Lumino

What are your plans for bringing Lumino to the general public?

The RIF Lumino network is already available to the general public. (for more information visit: RIF Lumino)

Having said this, making Lumino a user-friendly internet of value is one of RIF’s main priorities. For that reason, Lumino has already been integrated with the RIF Naming Service (RNS) which simplifies significantly the usability for non-technical users.

Also, the Lumino light-client is ready and we are working on the Development libraries to facilitate the integrations with wallets and exchanges.

The IOV Labs team is also working on developing solutions for banks and organizations willing to use RIF Lumino for their business needs.

What are the various KPIs of the lumino network?

Blocks per second, time to finality, tps and cost per transaction? Can people build on Lumino already? Which projects are building on top of it?

The number of transactions per second that Lumino can achieve depends mainly on the actual network topology and the amount of coins participants lock in their channels. Also, from the tech perspective, the bandwidth and latency of the computers participating in the network are also key for providing a responsive system. Additionally, the capabilities of the network will depend on the network usage patterns of its users. It seems that there are still too many unknowns. However we can simulate certain expected patterns from small networks to larger and larger networks and get useful metrics about the network growth and number of successful payments, the payments settlement times, and the average costs. Taking into account the merging of the scalability improvement proposals already developed by RSK Labs for RSK, the obtained metrics shows us that Lumino can scale to 60M active users without problems, with costs and response times that are competitive with other payment networks. To scale more, we see resource bottlenecks that would need to be addressed.

There are several projects integrating their wallets and solutions with Lumino which will be announced once ready in the following months.

How can I join the Lumino network?

If you want to be part of the network, the Lumino repository is open and in the repository you can find instructions about node configuration and management.

Now that Lumino is working, what’s the next step?

We are working on new RIF Payments components to be launched soon as well as RIF Storage Protocol. By the end of the year we plan to count with a full suite of RIF OS services that will showcase how the full stack will work together.

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