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Stablecoins: A Quick Guide for the Non-Technical
23 July, 2020

While cryptocurrencies can definitely change the mechanics of traditional finance, stability has always been one of the most requested ingredients by risk-averse individuals. On this post, we analyze how stablecoins can help solve the volatility problem and foster mainstream adoption. Introduction: The Birth of Stablecoins To leverage the benefits of digital currencies while simultaneously ensuring […]

Bitcoin Mining and Merged Mining: A Quick Overview
17 July, 2020

On this post, we will briefly analyze what is bitcoin mining, the role of mining pools under a POW protocol and how RSK´s merged mining provides bitcoin miners with the option to further monetize their hardware resources without additional investment on their side.  The Actors of Bitcoin´s Ecosystem On Bitcoin´s network, there are four main […]

Revisited: A Study on Profitability of Bitcoin Merged Mined Blockchains
14 July, 2020

By Leandro Yalet The objective of this post is to update our 2019 analysis about different blockchains doing merged mining.  The blockchains discussed in such analysis, each with their unique characteristics and purposes, use merged mining to secure their networks. Not all those chains remain active. This report will focus on the subset that still […]

Smart Contract Platforms: How To Create, Import & Deploy your Smart Contract on RSK
30 June, 2020

Smart contracts have exponentially expanded the functionalities of blockchain technology. Even though a big portion of the smart contract community has revolved for a long time around Ethereum, RSK has provided smart contract developers with the option to easily create, import and deploy smart contract solutions on top of Bitcoin. Without the hassle of dealing […]

Cryptocurrency Wallets: A Quick Overview
29 June, 2020

At the time of choosing a cryptocurrency wallet, there are many options available on the market. On this post, we’ll go over the different options so that you can have a better understanding of the digital wallets available on the market. We´ve also recently announced the launch of the RWallet, which is another interesting option […]

Sergio Demian Lerner June 2020 AMA
23 June, 2020

On June 4th 2020, IOVlabs Chief Innovation Officer Sergio Demian Lerner participated on an AMA session. Here are the questions and answers: In looking over the whitepaper there is both “Smart Bitcoin”, RBTC, the native token for, RSK Smart Contracts, which appears to be only to pay for tx fees/gas. Is there a reason that […]

Stress Testing Rif Consensus Node’s World State
1 June, 2020

By Pablo Pedemonte Introduction In 2016 RSK proposed the Unitrie as an alternative to Merkle Patricia Trees for modeling Ethereum’s world state (see Ethereum Yellow Paper, Appendix D). As of January 2020, we have added as an opt-in feature the Unitrie to RSK’s Rif Consensus Node (based on Besu‘s code). Consequently, users can now pick […]

Blockchain For Social Impact: Use Cases That Change Lives For The Better
28 May, 2020

When it comes to blockchain technology, many people usually tend to relate it solely with digital assets acting as store of value or as a means to pay for computational cost. However, those are just expressions of a technology that has multiple use cases and can definitely generate social impact. If you are wondering how blockchain […]

Diego Gutiérrez Zaldívar – April 2020 AMA Responses
26 May, 2020

On April 23 2020, IOVlabs CEO Diego Gutiérrez Zaldívar took part in an AMA taking questions from the community in an open forum. You can read the transcript of the event below, where Diego covers topics of IOVlabs efforts in the wake of Covid-19, the value of the RIF token and RIF on Chain, as […]

RSK3 Libraries & RWallet Announcement
26 May, 2020

IOV Labs is excited to announce the first public release of rsk3.js, a powerful suite of Javascript libraries built specifically for developers looking to build on the RSK blockchain. Those developers who have used Ethereum’s very popular web3 Javascript library will find themselves in familiar territory, with most function calls being very similar in syntax […]