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Decentralized Storage: RIF’s Approach to a Decentralized Internet
22 September, 2020

In today’s world, data is emerging as an increasingly valuable asset. From messaging a friend to hosting a complex Ecommerce website, a majority of our activities generate data. In the early days of computer technology, hardware such as floppy disks, CDs, flash drives or even HDDs were enough to store personal data. However, the Internet’s boom […]

Centralized and Decentralized Exchanges: Introducing RSKSwap
15 September, 2020

The popularity and significance of cryptocurrencies are steadily on the rise. Promising whitepapers are being launched every day, institutional adoption is witnessing stronger trends and consequently more and more users are coming onboard. Moreover, several retailers are now accepting payments in cryptocurrency, marking definitive progress towards mainstream usage. As such, financial transactions are some of […]

Papyrus Release v2.1.0 Is Here
9 September, 2020

We’re pleased to announce that a new RSK Papyrus release has been published in our Github repo. This release contains performance improvements, bug fixes and security improvements. This is a summary of the changes included in this version: Transaction relay improvements and handling of pending transactions fixes (#1266, #1134, #1253) New persistent storage for logs bloom reduces processing times […]

RSK Swap: Instantly Swap Assets on RSK
3 September, 2020

What is RskSwap? RskSwap automated market makers, or AMMs, is a class of decentralized exchanges that rely on mathematical formulas to set the price of a token. This allows users to swap ERC20 tokens instantly charging a 0.3% fee. This fee goes to the liquidity providers, they are users that locked their tokens on Uniswap […]

RWallet Now Available for iOS and Android Users
2 September, 2020

We are pleased to announce that the IOV Labs official wallet for the RSK ecosystem ‘RWallet’ is now available for iOS and Android users! 

Blockchain Oracles Tutorial & RIF Gateways Integration with Chainlink
31 August, 2020

Introduction Scalability and interoperability—two of the biggest challenges that the blockchain community is presently facing. In a broader context, these are also among the greatest hindrances to large scale mainstream adoption of this emerging technology. Consequently, there have been significant efforts among innovators, developers, and almost every other stakeholder in this domain to conceive of […]

Open Finance on Bitcoin: Our Contribution to the Ecosystem
24 August, 2020

The exponential rise in the popularity of decentralized finance (DeFi) is not going unnoticed. This equitable approach to finance not only poses a threat to the orthodox financial mechanisms that have, for long, stalled equality and financial freedom for the masses but also helps level the field for individuals who might not have had easy […]

Self Sovereign Identities: The Quest for Decentralized Personal Data Usage
4 August, 2020

The advent of the Internet has brought about a massive change in the definition of identity as it can take multiple forms depending on the platform the individuals are using. These multiple forms of a user’s identity entail their custody by a centralized platform that is in complete control over the user’s details and virtual […]

Non-Fungible & Fungible Tokens: A Quick Overview
23 July, 2020

Blockchain technology is perhaps most well-known for underpinning the premier cryptocurrency Bitcoin. Indeed, cryptocurrencies, or let’s say, fungible tokens, are inarguably the most popular use-case of distributed ledger technology (DLT) to date. However, there’s more to this emerging technology than meets the eye through NFTs (non fungible tokens).  Introduction Under the umbrella term that is […]

Stablecoins: A Quick Guide for the Non-Technical
23 July, 2020

While cryptocurrencies can definitely change the mechanics of traditional finance, stability has always been one of the most requested ingredients by risk-averse individuals. On this post, we analyze how stablecoins can help solve the volatility problem and foster mainstream adoption. Introduction: The Birth of Stablecoins To leverage the benefits of digital currencies while simultaneously ensuring […]