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Iris Release v3.3.0 Is Here
31 March, 2022

We’re pleased to announce that a new RSK Iris release has been published in our GitHub repo. This release contains enhancements to the node’s JSON-RPC interface, as well as Ethereum compatibility fixes and robustness enhancements. While this is a non-mandatory upgrade, we encourage users to upgrade their nodes to the new version. How do I […]

Green Energy: How Will the Bitcoin Mining Industry Evolve?
29 March, 2022

Climate change resulting from carbon emissions is a significant problem of the modern era. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that green energy practices and sustainability are implemented.  Renewable energy sources offer the best way to combat carbon emissions. This article will cover the adoption of green energy in Bitcoin mining so far and how it […]

DeFi in the Metaverse Era
22 March, 2022

A major attribute of the metaverse is that it will have a fully functioning digital economy. An economy that uses digitalized and decentralized financial services that are truly inclusive. DeFi integrates blockchain technology and smart contracts to enable users to carry out financial transactions without a third party.  On this post, we’ll cover the role […]

Solving the Trilemma: RSK’s Contributions to Interoperability, Scalability & Security
15 March, 2022

Some of the major problems limiting the mass adoption of blockchain technology are interoperability, scalability and security.  Any blockchain willing to support Web 3.0 and the Metaverse, must be interoperable with other blockchains and provide reasonable transaction times at affordable costs. On this blog post, we´ll review different solutions in the blockchain space to solve the […]

Blindex: Making the Crypto World a Stable Place One Block at a Time
9 March, 2022

Excited to announce a new stablecoin protocol launched on RSK- meet Blindex! About Blindex Blindex is an innovative ‘currency blind’ multi-currency stablecoin platform that lets all users mint, swap, invest, and redeem any pegged currency without any exposure to USD when getting in or out of a trade.  The platform offers an open-source, permissionless, on-chain […]

Bitcoin as Legal Tender: What’s Next?
20 February, 2022

In June 2021, El Salvador announced the law that adopted Bitcoin as legal tender from September 2021. This economic move by the president of El Salvador, Nayib Bekele, has caused ripple effects, as more countries plan to follow El Salvador’s lead.  A recent poll by YouGov, an international online research and data analytics firm, shows […]

How to Growth Hack Your User Base
18 February, 2022

One of the issues DeFi projects face after development is increasing and retaining their user base. When it comes to marketing, DeFi Projects face several restrictions like:  Google Adwords Policy restrictions  Facebook Ads restrictions An excellent way to increase your user base is through growth hacking. Growth hacking is perfect for your project if you […]

With RBTC powering DeFi for Bitcoin, why wrap your BTC?
14 February, 2022

Transactions on RSK vs. Ethereum Note: Data collected 7th February.  Gas fees are constantly changing. View the latest data. Until a few years ago, when you heard DeFi you probably subliminally thought of DeFi on Ethereum. Now, with over 13 DeFi protocols built on or integrated with RSK, and 18 wallets, DeFi for Bitcoin is […]

GameFi: A Quick Overview
12 February, 2022

One of the hottest buzzwords in the crypto and gaming world right now is GameFi or Play-to-Earn. Just like other blockchain-based trends, GameFi is shaking up the traditional gaming industry as it combines Blockchain technology with DeFi and NFTs.  GameFi games also assume different forms that set them apart from traditional gaming. The success of Axie […]

RSK Executive Overview: February 2022
10 February, 2022

About RSK  RSK is a layer 2 sidechain built on the Bitcoin blockchain that brings smart contract functionality to the Bitcoin ecosystem. Launched on Mainnet in January 2018, RSK is the first and safest smart contract network in the world, secured by Bitcoin hashing power through merged mining. The RSK Virtual Machine is also EVM […]