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Wasabi Release v1.3.0 Is Here

We’re pleased to announce that a new RSK Wasabi release has been published in our Github repo. This release introduces the new JSON-RPC trace module, supporting methods that provide users with transaction processing details. 

Please refer to RSK developers portal to understand how to configure your node to enable RPC modules. Also please note that these new methods are not available in RSK public nodes, users willing to use these methods will need to run their own RSK node.

This is a summary of the changes included in this version:

  • New trace_transaction JSON-RPC method (#1112)
  • New trace_block JSON-RPC method (#1112)
  • Performance improvements (#1173#1174#1175)

Version 1.3.0 release’s sha256 sum is 1343a100363d78db8c6563ec0778646b17af7fdaf7de2ac5932537582c079ddd rskj-core-1.3.0-WASABI-all.jar. See Reproducible Build guide for further details.

Do you have further questions?

Please reach out with any feedback you would like to share with us through our social media channels and forums:






If you are new to RSK, you may want to check our developers’ portal to find out how to start working on the RSK platform.

Thanks for your support!