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Wasabi Release v1.0.0 Preview: What’s Included and What’s Next.

A few days ago we announced we would be doing a fresh restart of RSK Testnet as part of RSK Wasabi rollout plan. Having successfully completed the process of updating our nodes, we’ve made a Wasabi 1.0.0 Preview release available. Please note this release is only mandatory for users running RSK nodes on Testnet.

IMPORTANT: if you are updating from a prior RSK version (Orchid v0.6.2 or earlier), you need to delete the files located in your node’s database directory before starting your node (see database setting in your configuration file or look for the content of default directory ${user.home}/.rsk/testnet/database).

Version 1.0.0-PREVIEW release’s sha256 sum is 6b01a187cad148c3674b32515ac35450d32dc2959e7ed2460419ba1b8977054d rskj-core-1.0.0-PREVIEW-all.jar. See Reproducible Build guide for further details.

What is and why a Preview version?

Since we’ve made a significant number of sensitive changes in this release, we’ve decided to do a phased rollout, and check everything is working as expected before publishing Wasabi 1.0.0 final release. Wasabi 1.0.0 Preview includes all features expected to be released in the final version (see next section for details), but it’s only valid for RSK Tesnet network. Wasabi features are activated starting from block 0.

What is included in Wasabi?

The following infographic shows most important features and changes in RSK Wasabi 1.0.0. The complete list of changes will be announced when Wasabi final version is released.



What’s next?

We’ll continue our own testing on RSK Testnet, and the RSK Community is now welcome to test their own contracts and Dapps using the latest release. Next steps of the rollout plan are shown in the following image:



We’ll update on any remarkable change to the plan. We’d love to hear from you and get your feedback through our social media channels and forums:






Thanks for your support!