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RSK Gitcoin Hackathon: Building the Future on Bitcoin

By Brendan Graetz, Head of Developer Experience at IOV Labs.

What is RSK?

At RSK, we are building on Bitcoin to plant the seeds for a new global financial system, through the use of blockchain technology, smart-contracts, and Bitcoin. The RSK Infrastructure Framework provides a suite of services for building decentralised sharing economies, built on the backbone of the RSK blockchain. The core technology is a Bitcoin sidechain that shares the Solidity/ EVM/ Web3 development stack, so it is very easy to develop decentralised apps on RSK, if you are familiar with Ethereum. The main difference is the use of Bitcoin instead of Ether. Plus lower gas fees and the security of a hashrate higher than any other smart contract platform… RSK is so much more!

RSK ❤️️ Gitcoin

We’ve run an RSK hackathon on Gitcoin before … but this time we have got a deeper technical integration!

For this hackathon, we’re thrilled to announce that the bounties are posted on RSK, and use smart contracts deployed on the RSK network.

The prizes for the bounties are also in tokens that are native to the RSK DeFi ecosystem.

A big shout out to the Gitcoin team for their incredible collaboration that made this possible.


We have got several exciting new bounties for you to work on. 

In our previous hackathon, all the bounties were all about RSKj, the RSK node software, However, this time around, in addition to that, we have bounties where you’ll get to work with RIF services as well.

Here are some resources that you might find useful to check out prior to the hackathon start date:

Join us!

Join us on Slack and check out the #gitcoin-2021 channel to learn more, and ask questions!

To take part in this hackathon, sign up on Gitcoin – all you need to get started is a Github account! Join here:

This hackathon starts on 15th April, and submissions will be accepted through till 14th May. Let’s get hacking!