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RSK Executive Overview: February 2022

About RSK 

RSK is a layer 2 sidechain built on the Bitcoin blockchain that brings smart contract functionality to the Bitcoin ecosystem. Launched on Mainnet in January 2018, RSK is the first and safest smart contract network in the world, secured by Bitcoin hashing power through merged mining. The RSK Virtual Machine is also EVM compatible.

RSK enables developers to build and integrate their DeFi protocols with the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Download the RSK Executive Overview Highlights


  • Total transactions: 8 Million 
  • Active Accounts: 64,770
  • 4 new Protocols/Integrations per month 
  • 13 DeFi projects built on RSK
  • 18 wallets integrated with RSK

Merged Mining:

  • Net HashRate: Average 102.71 EH/S
  • BTC Hash Rate Mining RSK: Average 64%
  • Total BTC locked on RSK: 2,431 RBTC
Transaction SpeedRSK can support up to 10 transactions per second.Up to 7 transactions per second.

Gas FeesCurrently 5.163 cents (90 times lower)451.159 cents (90 times higher).
MiningMerged Mining (DECOR + Nakamato Consensus Variation (PoW)Nakamato Consensus Variation (PoW)
Average Block Confirmation Time30 seconds (miners can lower it to 15 seconds)13.14 seconds

13 DeFi Protocols Built on RSK 

Money-on-Chain (MoC)

Money on Chain (MoC) is a proprietary financial model that allows you to improve your asset’s performance and retain full control of your private keys. MoC provides a unique solution to solve the Bitcoin volatility problem without the limitation of the other stablecoin solutions.


The BabelFish protocol serves to replace fiat-backed stablecoin issuers. The protocol works by absorbing liquidity and generating its yield to deploy it as protection.


Sovryn is an on-chain decentralized Bitcoin lending and trading platform on the RSK platform. The protocol provides the infrastructure for a Bitcoin DeFi layer that is highly integrated with Ethereum and other chains. 


The Tropykus protocol offers accessible digital loans and credit products. It helps Bitcoin users to get financial returns on their funds.

18 Wallets Integrated with RSK

Liquality Wallet 

Liquality is a universal wallet for buying and swapping crypto assets. Liquality supports swapping crypto assets from RSK to other chains like Ethereum and BSC as a multi-chain wallet.


With Defiant, you can access several blockchains – RSK, BSC, Ethereum – all in one wallet. You can also buy and store NFTs with it.


Trusted by over 21 million users, Metamask is a wallet and a gateway to Blockchain apps. 


#1 Crypto Wallets for Institutions. Hundreds of businesses use Fireblocks to manage treasury operation, manage their digital assets, and access DeFi.


D’cent is a safe and easy hardware wallet. You can manage your Card type wallet, Biometrics, and software wallet from a mobile app. 


Trusted by over 4 million users, it’s a one-stop shop to buy, exchange, and grow your crypto assets.


The multi-chain wallet for web3 is available for Android, iPhone, and Web. Upto 9 6 popular public chains supported.


The wallet supports ERC-20 and ERC-677 tokens, available for Android, iPhone and Web.


The multi-wallet currently supports RSK, Bitcoin, and Ethereum. It allows users to easily control their own private keys with the familiarity and ease of mobile banking.

Learn more about all of the projects in the RSK DeFi ecosystem.