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One step closer to the Internet of Value realization!

To our beloved RSK community,

As we continue to work on the development of the RSK Smart Contract Network (RSKSmart), we wanted to provide an exciting update about RSK Labs.

The RSK Labs founders and other executives and advisors have been working on a new off-chain infrastructure layer called RIF OS that uses RSK Smart for settlement, identity management and economic coordination in a fully decentralized fashion.

In order to accelerate and potentiate development of this full stack of open source and decentralized infrastructure, RIF Labs is acquiring RSK Labs.

The joint RSK Labs and RIF Labs team will continue to contribute to the development of the open RSK blockchain that has been in the hands of the community for sometime now. On top of that it will help develop the Root Infrastructure Framework Open Standard (RIF OS).

This is a huge milestone, and will help us accelerate the adoption of open source blockchain technology worldwide. We wholeheartedly believe this technology has the power to uplift and improve the lives of millions financially excluded in our world, and we are excited to support the shared vision of our teams for the construction of the Internet of Value.

With the combination of RIF Labs and RSK Labs, we are creating a sum that is far more powerful than its components. We believe that RIF Labs will contribute a significant leap to blockchain technology and open decentralized consensus networks, and we are delighted to choose RSK Smart as the basis for RIF OS. Through this acquisition, we’ll be able to work together to bring new levels of interoperability, scalability and simplify access to this complex technologies in a moment where the industry and our societies long for this tools of transformation. We look hopeful to a future that will bring to life our shared vision of enabling prosperity and equality around the world.

Be part. Be root for change.

The RSK team