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dexFreight decentralized blockchain-based logistics

dexFreight is a decentralized, blockchain-based logistics platform that allows shippers, carriers and other supply chain stakeholders to transact and collaborate more efficiently, transparently and securely.

The logistics industry is plagued with inefficiencies, costly delays caused by manual processes, data fragmentation, slowed payments and further impacted by fraud, theft and counterparty disputes.  DexFreight integrates blockchain, smart contracts, IoT, and artificial intelligence with current technologies and legacy systems bringing a unique value proposition to the industry. The platform offers immutable identity and reputation, digitized transactions, tokenized payments, real-time peer-to-peer interaction, automated load and capacity matching, fraud prevention, and smarter finance and insurance solutions.

dexFreight primary customers include third-party logistics providers, shippers, carriers and all other actors of the supply chain. dexFreight technology will ultimately translate in shorter times and lower costs to get the products to the hands of the end consumer while unlocking vast amounts of capital from freight invoices, inventories, and underused assets like trucks, trailers, warehouses, etc.

dexFreight marketplace will put this liquidity to work, bringing access to inexpensive capital to small and medium size business in all markets, this will be a game changer for companies operating in emerging economies.

The use of smart contracts for all transactions will bring new levels of transparency and accountability reducing counterparty disputes and the costs associated with them, this new level of digitization to the service of innovators will open the door for new products and services we can only start to imagine now.

RSK provides Bitcoin infrastructure along with its own network to provide immutability of shipment transactions at much lower cost, scalability, and faster time to confirmation compared to other blockchain infrastructure. RSK is an ideal “Layer 2” solution for dexFreight. The fact that RSK has chosen Solidity as a programming language allows dexFreight to tap into a vast pool of developers already familiar with it. This allows dexFreight to cost-effectively build other components such as identity, oracles, proof of delivery on the blockchain.

On top of that, RSK team has been providing technical support to the dexFreight team in building shipment smart contracts and other components.