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Blindex: Making the Crypto World a Stable Place One Block at a Time

Excited to announce a new stablecoin protocol launched on RSK- meet Blindex!

About Blindex

Blindex is an innovative ‘currency blind’ multi-currency stablecoin platform that lets all users mint, swap, invest, and redeem any pegged currency without any exposure to USD when getting in or out of a trade. 

The platform offers an open-source, permissionless, on-chain decentralized exchange (DEX) that brings together some brand new concepts in DeFi on a multi-currency scale. 

Notably, Blindex’s FX-pegged stablecoins (i.e. BDstables), are partially collateralized, algorithmically stabilized, and completely decentralized. 

Blindex’s Unique Product & Service Offering

Blindex brings a unique suite of enhanced stability and decentralization to the stablecoin market and the RSK DeFi Ecosystem. Some of their unique service offerings includes: 

  • Multi-Currency Stablecoin: Establishing stablecoins pegged to multiple currencies.
  • Tokenized FX Trading: Enabling users to provide liquidity, swap, earn fees and accumulate rewards by staking their LP tokens. This effectively creates on-chain FX-trading opportunities.
  • Enhanced Capital Efficiency and Utilization: Providing features for users to enhance capital utilization without taking on additional risk. Some of the tools allow users to earn interest on their stablecoin, invest and trade in stable and non stable assets, future access to loans  that can then deploy to earn additional interest.Blindex will always create (Mint) and buyout (Redeem) its stablecoins according to the peg, so no matter what is the price in the market, you can always Mint and Redeem according to the 1:1 peg ratio

Synergy Between RSK and Blindex

Stablecoins have emerged as a critical pillar for the functionality and widespread adoption of DeFi. 

Many stablecoin holders and investors across different chains have raised several concerns about the way that stablecoins are being stored and issued. Firstly, the centralized storage of assets poses a huge security risk, as such platforms have a single-point of failure which can be subject to attacks by bad actors. There have been several examples of such attacks over the years, where investors have lost millions of dollars. 

Blindex offers an effective solution to this by refuting all kinds of CeFi practice, including backing up its stablecoins with fiat currency. The platform issues fully-decentralized stablecoins that are collateralized by ETH & BTC (and other select, decentralized large-cap coins in the future), while its value remains pegged to the designated fiats currencies. Even the infrastructure layer of the Blindex runs on StackOS, a fully-decentralized cloud storage. This makes the platform far more resilient and hack-resistant than other stables that rely on CeFi protocols. 

Furthermore, stablecoin platforms have had to contend with regulatory issues from various government agencies leading to a series of questions around the integrity and reliability of the digital assets. Consequently, many stablecoin protocols have been hit with sanctions ranging from fines and asset forfeiture to restrictions and outright bans. Many market experts expect CeFi-based stablecoins to be hit by even more waves of sanctions in 2022.

The Blindex protocol is essentially immune to such problems. The team has disconnected the platform from any existing, centralized stables. This means that it can not be sanctioned, blacklisted, paused, censored, or otherwise affected by any centralized government authority. 

Blindex has also integrated a “currency-blindness” feature into its protocol. This prevents users from being exposed to the inherent inflationary pressure and fluctuation of the US-Dollar.

Stablecoins are the bedrock of any DeFi system. And with the launch of Blindex on RSK, DeFi users can now have access to a stablecoin protocol that is secure and fully-devoid of CeFi inefficiencies and encumbrances. All users of DeFi on RSK can enjoy financial freedom, without the fear of restrictions, nor the need to hold USD and be exposed to FX fluctuations.

Start using the Blindex protocol now!