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API3 Integrates into RSK Protocol, Deploying Web2 APIs

Improved data availability for Smart Contracts, often referred to as the Web3 Oracle category, means the introduction of smarter Dapps via Hybrid Smart Contracts and therefore new Web3 use-cases. This data is often delivered from the real world, or Web2, yet requires a consensus mechanism to prevent them from being a single-point of failure in a decentralised economy. 

API3 is a first-party oracle solution that utilizes a lightweight API middleware to make Web2 APIs accessible by Web3, meaning on-chain access to Web2 APIs via smart contacts. API3 started partnering with API Providers in early 2021 and now has a catalogue of 150+ within the API3 Alliance. 

After taking part in Sovrynthon and working with the decentralised Bitcoin trading & lending platform Sovryn, API3 had pre-existing integrations with the RSK Testnet.

The exciting news is that due to recent upgrades to Airnode v0.2, the following 12 APIs are now integrated on RSK mainnet and are now accessible by engineers in the ecosystem: 

DxFeed API offers a portfolio of versatile analytical services, custom solutions, cloud services, data management and index management solutions including: Historical Tick Data, Reference data, etc for stocks, crypto, forex and more.


Finage API offers stock, crypto, and forex endpoints

RDA Index

The RDA Index data suite addresses the four challenges of intrinsic valuation, asset complexity, volatility and consumer protection that are facing the cryptoasset industry.

The API provides reliable and constantly updated data from global Sanctions, PEP and Crime Lists – ready to be built into your own solution.


Unification’s Finchains API provides cryptocurrency exchange and price data


A catalogue of 16 highly functional APIs ranging from criminal record checks through to Zipcodes

Stakingrewards API allows users to track staking rewards along with other crypto-growth tools.

Twelve Data

The Twelve Data API enables access to world financial markets including stocks, forex, and cryptocurrencies. 


Multiple APIs providing financial data, data matching, data validation, weather, demographics, global performance, and more.

The Cignals API can be used to access various endpoints, which can be helpful for developing automated, quantitative trading strategies.

World Weather Online

The Local Weather API (aka City & Town Weather API) method – access current weather conditions, the next 14 days forecast, Air Quality Data, Weather Alerts and Monthly Climate Averages for over 4 million cities and towns worldwide. Weather API returns weather elements such as temperature, precipitation (rainfall), weather description, weather icon, wind speed, etc.

PWP Leeway

Leeway’s API provides access to comprehensive data from more than 50 exchanges worldwide. They offer fundamental data, i.e. annual and quarterly balance sheet data with up to 20 years of history, closing prices with up to 35 years of history, interval price data, ESG data and much more.

Additionally, TESOBE / Open Bank Project has deployed their Open Banking APIs onto RSK, meaning builders now have access to a host of Open Banking APIs that can support Dapps build products ranging from KYC & Account Management through to ATM & Card services

These APIs are in fact being deployed over the coming weeks ahead of a hackathon in conjunction with a state-owned bank in El Salvador, Banco Hipotecario. RSK is a blockchain network that has the network security of Bitcoin through merged mining, and supports an EVM-compatible smart contracts platform. This is the blockchain infrastructure upon which the API3 integrations have been deployed. 

Crucially, this benefits the RSK developer community, as they can integrate these services into their DApps. Please see for example the RSK Airnode Starter Kit.

Over the coming weeks there will be an AMA around this update. Hope to see you there! Stay tuned for details.