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Frequently asked questions

Here you will find the most frequently asked questions about RSK, its vision, technology and other aspects

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Does the RSK blockchain mint new coins?

No. The RSK platform uses Bitcoin as its native currency. A 2-Way Peg between Bitcoin blockchain and RSK blockchain ensures a fixed conversion between BTC and RBTC. (1 RBTC = 1 BTC). There can’t be pre-mining, minting, nor coin inflation on RSK.

How many RBTC can exists at any given time?

The number of RBTC in existence is limited by the same Bitcoin issuance curve. Bitcoin issuance is algorithmically set, and halves every 4 years. There will never be more than 21M bitcoins circulating. Also the number of RBTC circulating in the RSK network is limited by the amount of BTC locked in the two-way-peg.

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