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Frequently asked questions

Here you will find the most frequently asked questions about RSK, its vision, technology and other aspects

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What is the Federation?

The RSK platform has been launched with a federation of well-known and respected community members (blockchain companies with high security standards) (the Federation). Each member is identified by a public key. The conditions to become a Federation member have been established, including security policies, backup procedures and legal requirements.

What services does the Federation provide?

Currently the Federation’s only role is to secure the two-way-peg. In the future they may provide additional services to the network.

What is the 2-Way peg service that the Federation provides?

Bitcoin does not support smart contracts nor native opcodes to validate external SPV proofs. Part of the 2-Way Peg system in RSK requires trust on a set of notaries. In RSK, the notaries that protect the locked funds are the members of the Federation. The Federation members are respected community actors, such as important blockchain companies, and they also have the technical ability to maintain a secure network node.  A requirement for being part of the Federation is the ability to audit the proper behaviour of the software that powers the node, specially regarding the correctness of the component that decides on releasing BTC funds.


What are the Federation checkpoints?

In order to add an extra layer of security, the RSK Labs has proposed that the node receives periodic notifications from federation members. Federated checkpoints are signed by the Federation members and clients can use the majority of the signatures to better detect network partitions and enter “safe mode”.

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